It takes time, expertise and understanding to organise and preserve private or shared family wealth. Time, taken away from enjoying the rewards of your industry, embarking on new adventures, or simply experiencing a sense of wellbeing.

For time-saving and well-being, we connect the right people for the right advice, to organise financial goals which require cross sector professional services working together. We are an independent advisory service, easing the way for building a bespoke team that understands your individual lives and goals, on an innovative user-focused secure platform or virtual family office for all levels of assets.

How do we simplify this complex business of organising private wealth? By transforming the process of finding trusted private client advice. We facilitate active collaboration between a group of specialist experts to achieve your specific goals and overcome the most pressing issues affecting families. Our platform connects you to advisors, and manages your aims.

Beacon Gainer was founded in 2015 by Lara Leigh-Wood. With over a decade’s experience in private client advisory, Lara is a skilful, long-term relationship-builder. With personal experience of the delicacies involved in managing wealth and expectations across diverse family members, her discretion and understanding are finely tuned. Lara’s choice of advisors in professional services firms reflects this: we make connections based on personal trust and professional respect.

Together, our partners form a collective of award-winning, non-competing firms from a broad cross-section of sectors, including but not limited to law, banking, financial planning, security, insurance, investment and family governance. Each advisor is known by Lara and chosen for their ability to be not only highly professional but also deeply personable.

Beyond expertise and experience, we place great value on a partner firm’s values, as well as their track record in working with businesses that are mindful of social impact and good governance. Clients value this too.

Financial peace of mind is not only preserving private wealth. It is also identifying, focusing on and achieving clear life goals. It is investing resources with certainty and clear conscience, to make the world a little better for your part in it. It is having someone ‘in the trenches’ with you, matching your grit and optimism to tackle whatever comes up. It is the discretion and kindness of the people you deal with, who come to feel like extended family. By your side, on your side, at your side, whenever you need us.



Owner, Founder and Managing Director

Respected by clients for her strategic thinking, Lara uses her management, team building and relationship building skill to develop a broad range of successful commercial collaborations and to sustain a network of high-value opportunities.

As Managing Director, she is the first point of contact for clients, leading the development of services and tackling the day-to-day business challenges. Lara places huge value on results and depth of experience which shines through in the collective culture and approach of Beacon Gainer.

Over the past four years the reputation of Beacon Gainer has been built around a sophisticated and shared approach to service, and, importantly, understanding that the dynamics of a client, their family and business are unique to each.  We welcome all advisors and clients, whether needing one area of expertise within our services or several and hope you will enjoy being with us.”

She has worked in wealth management, financial services, social investment, non-profit fundraising, publishing and membership platforms which focused on private and high profile individuals.

Raised in London, attending the French Lycee then St.Mary’s Calne, Lara’s career has spanned London, Paris and Montreal where she attended McGill University and became a member of the prestigious Scarlet Key Society.

An award-winning social entrepreneur, she is a passionate skier and in winter, can often be found skiing in the Swiss and Italian Alps.


Client Relations and Executive Assistant

As an experienced Commercial Manager