Baird & Co., the largest gold refinery in the UK, is delighted to announce that it has won the Queen’s Award for Export.
The Queen’s Award for Enterprise, International Trade as it is formally known, recognises
companies for outstanding achievements in exports and for contributing to the international
reputation of the UK. Baird & Co. is proud to have been recognised for this success and for its strong growth in exports.
Bullion merchant Baird & Co. refines, manufactures and distributes precious metal products to discerning clients around the world. The Company has been instrumental to the development of the UK gold market and has been family owned and managed out of its headquarters in East London since it was founded in 1967. Its highly skilled craftsmen mint coins and bars in a range of precious metals including gold, silver, palladium, platinum and rhodium. As the last remaining gold refinery in the UK, Baird is helping to sustain important metallurgical skills for the 21st Century, and support local employment in East London.
Baird & Co. operates as a retailer and wholesaler in the UK. However, for overseas markets it is a wholesale distributor, either in partnership with international banks, or holding stocks in regional hubs to supply local wholesalers and larger retailers.
Baird & Co. has significantly expanded internationally, particularly in the Asia-Pacific region. In response to high demand for precious metal products in Asia and Australia the company opened a sales office in Singapore in 2013. Baird also works with distribution agents in Australia and North America, and the business is working with existing distributors to expand into neighbouring countries.
Baird has seen increasing demand from overseas clients drawn to the Company’s British heritage and craftsmanship. Overseas sales have grown by 229% over the last three years and the proportion of sales exported has increased significantly to 40% of total sales. An original target of achieving overseas £100 million of sales per annum after three years was achieved in just two. Baird is developing new products, services and markets to grow its business further and secure the Company’s future into the 21st Century.
Lorena Baird from Baird & Co., said:
“We are delighted to have won the Queens Award for Enterprise International Trade, which is testament to the hard work that the team at Baird have been doing, contributing to the Capital’s exporting prowess, and helping to preserve an important manufacturing skill set in East London. Overseas buyers are increasingly drawn to companies and products that can boast strong British heritage and craftsmanship and we are thrilled that Baird is helping to sustain this demand”.
Supplied by Carlos Baird at Baird & Co.