BOWER TALENT specialise in PA/EA/Office Management and HR, as well as Investor Relations and Family Office support.

They provide recruitment services and revolutionary training and development programmes for individuals and teams.

The company is based in London and was founded by Georgina Bale and Emma Hatto,

with over 21 years of industry experience between them. Both have worked in both UK and global businesses and now translate their wealth of knowledge to sourcing and training the best staff in the world.

BOWER Talent are part of the Beacon Gainer group – a specialist Family Office membership who work together to provide end-to-end support for individuals and businesses.


  • RECRUITMENT: BOWER place exceptional PAs, HR experts, Operations & Office Managers, Family Office and Investor Relations professionals into unique and exciting They offer a highly progressive and unique strategy to finding and developing staff using their bespoke and scientifically developed testing and profiling which provide clients with excellent data and due diligence on candidates.
  • TRAINING & DEVELOPMENT: These programmes are for your existing They are based around four

core areas – Skills, Network, Knowledge and Talent and are delivered in full and half-day packages, individual mentoring sessions or remote 30 minute skype chats. All of them can be tailored to suit each client and are geared to improving retention, morale and overall productivity.


  • BOWER are passionate about people and believe in long-term relationships.
  • Direct and specific experience as senior EAs, Family Office support and Investor Relations professionals to draw on.
  • A large, established network of candidates and clients across all industries.
  • They choose to work with exceptional companies and individuals with similar modern and progressive
  • The focus on testing and data means that clients have access to more information and due diligence on how well

Prospects are matched.

  • BOWER also use tech gamification to assess competencies whilst keeping candidates engaged.
  • Communication with clients and staff is key; the focus is on building relationships and listening to what clients need.
  • Discretion and confidentiality are hugely important and BOWER are extremely careful about disclosure of information; they work for discerning clients and are very protective of their
  • Face-to-face meetings to gain in-depth understanding and information about your culture, goals and

Work with the best of the best
BOWER – Talent Development

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