The views expressed in this article are those of the author and reflect the point of view of Chapel & York. The article was provided by Nancy Bikson, Managing Director at Chapel & York, to the Beacon Gainer private client advisory services group.

It is impossible to ignore the fact that no matter what happens with this virus the world we will see after lockdown will inevitably be different.  This virus has highlighted just how dependent we are on others and how de-skilled we have become in our lives.  It is a wake-up call that all the freedoms and possibilities which we have enjoyed over the past decades will probably be reduced going forwards.  Our children and grandchildren will grow up in very different circumstances.

Chapel & York works in the field of international charity fundraising and philanthropy.  Daily we see the interactions across countries, regions and continents.  We all see the need by all types of charitable organisations everywhere in the world for philanthropic funds to deliver services and for their own survival.

If you or a client wish to make an international gift we have Chapel & York Foundations in the US, UK, Hong Kong, Singapore, the Netherlands and Switzerland through which we can facilitate a tax-effective gift to charities around the world.

We are offering Emergency Memberships to organisations so that they can offer the opportunity to donors immediately.  We are waiving membership fees and evaluation fees and we will expedite memberships.  We will also expedite grants to those members by bringing forwards our quarterly board members to one every other week.

For donors who have a specific organisation in mind, we will expedite evaluation of the charitable recipient so that funds can be granted to them as soon as possible.

Details on for emergency memberships or contact Katie Venn at if you want to make an emergency donation.

In the aftermath of this, we will see more required of charities as they help those who have suffered financially and physically.  We will see donations drop off as billions have been wiped off personal and business balance sheets.  And we will see people and companies step up to the mark to provide the support, financially and personally which will be needed as we all go forwards.

We have seen the best and worst of humanity, in fact, we have seen the human condition.