The was article provided by Stephen Browne, Business Development Director at Waverton Investment Management, for Beacon Gainer, private wealth advisory services group.

Waverton Investment Management has this month launched a podcast series entitled Why Invest? Each week Doug Barnett, a private client portfolio manager, demystifies the worlds of finance and investment by getting under the bonnet of a specific topic with the help of an industry expert.

The first episodes include:

  1. Why invest in equities? With Jennifer Fisher, Head of Equities, Waverton. Covering the three key disruptive themes of technology, geopolitics and ESG.
  2. Why invest in technology? With William DeGale, founder of Blue Box Asset Management and lead manager of the Blue Box Global Technology Fund. Covering the industry dynamics, disruptive themes and how William approaches picking stocks in the sector.
  3. Why invest in real assets? With Luke Hyde-Smith, Head of Third-Party Fund Selection, Waverton Investment Management. Outlining how the sector has evolved, where Luke’s finding his best ideas and what the future holds for real assets.
  4. Are we experiencing a new stagflation? Part 1 With William Dinning, CIO, Waverton Investment Management. The first of a two-part episode discussing the causes of inflation, the damaging effects it can have on the general population and how policy makers can respond. 

Speaking about his first foray into digital media, host Doug Barnett noted, “We often hear from clients that financial services professionals can be guilty of over complicating their proposition.” He added that this podcast will scrutinise industry experts and product specialists and aims to shine a light on particular areas of investment, helping listeners really get to grips with why one invests in certain asset classes.

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