The predominant purpose behind Beacon Gainer is reducing the complexities of protecting and managing wealth for entrepreneurs, a frank and accessible approach by simplifying finding the experts who are required in the achievement of clients’ objectives and goals, to offer a one stop shop of advisory services.

This has meaning for entrepreneurs who create new wealth for their families, and for family businesses which have generations of dedication behind them, both grappling with the transfer of responsibilities required for perpetuating capital.

While at Beacon Gainer we are swiftly moving into a digital version of ourselves, as many are, accelerating plans which have been in the making for a few years, our purpose to further simplify goal based wealth management, takes on a new guise, which we hope to improve all the time and apply a challenge mindset towards, whatever comes our way.

In a world of virtual offices, working on platforms to achieve objectives, we mean to stealthily enable a better user experience, with an attention to detail, towards cost and delivery for clients and advisors.

Beacon Gainer is a model of independent professional service firms, niched in their sub sector of private wealth, with, importantly, an established attention to detail which translates into being a safer pair of hands, creating a collaboration rooted in good service.

Article provided by Lara Leigh-Wood, Managing Director, Beacon Gainer.  April 2020.