Article written and provided by Jo Eccles, Managing Director at SP Property Services, for Beacon Gainer, private wealth advisory services group.

Landlords renting out properties – we have had an increase over the past weeks in new landlords appointing us to manage their existing individual rental properties and portfolios. Many have had time to evaluate the fees they are paying on their rental properties and the management service they are receiving.

High end property management is a core part of our business and has been for more than 10 years. Every property manager in our team personally has between 10 – 20 years’ experience, so our landlords and tenants benefit from highly experienced property professionals who can troubleshoot and handle complex situations, often before contractors or specialists need to be called in.

Also, because we manage £1.5bn of rental properties across central London, we combine boutique service with bringing bigger buying power for our landlords in the form of reduced lettings fees, more competitive contractor prices and quicker response times.

If you own properties which you are renting out, or you are considering renting a property rather than selling at this time, please do contact our Head of Property Management, Noel Hennelly, whose details are below.

Home managementas with our landlords having time to evaluate their rental investments, we have also seen growing demand for our Home Management service which is already used by homeowners across central London looking for their homes to be proactively and cost effectively run and managed.

We typically manage homes from approx. 2,600 sq ft upwards, with varying levels of complexity. Some clients simply require proactive planned maintenance schedules to be put in place and run to ensure the smooth and hassle free running of their home.

Others at the more complex end of the spectrum require full reviews of all aspects of their homes including AV and security contracts, swimming pool and lift maintenance, household staff needs and 24 hour reactive maintenance support.

If we can assist with any aspect of acquiring or managing central London property, please do contact us and we would be delighted to help.